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A Just In Time, On-Demand Delivery Service


We decided to create Joey after the realization that there isn’t a cost efficient, reliable, fast, or safe enough way for the basic consumer to receive or deliver items,locally in our city,or even nationally and internationally. Everything in the market that exists today is either too expensive, unreliable, slow, or unsafe. We wanted to change that. We wanted there to be an easy-to-use way to be able to get something like a sofa from the department store to your doorstep. We wanted there to be a way to quickly go get a flash drive you’ve forgotten at home, without even moving. Introducing Joey… the new revolutionary way to transport objects and goods from one place to another. With only a few simple clicks you can ship anything from location to location.

What It Does

Joey is an app that enables people to transport one item from one place to another in a matter of minutes. Joey is a reliable ride for all of your deliveries. From reg

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☐ Perfect Integers @created(18-01-31 18:21) @due(18-02-01 18:32)
a positive integer (n > 0) that is equal to the sum of it's proper divisors
divisors of 6 /= 1,2,3
6 is Perfect Int because 1 + 2 + 3 == 6
1.) gather the user #
2.) Check whether # is perfect integer or not
a.) If so, tell that it is. Probably show the integers used to determine that it is a perfect integer
b.) If not, tell that it is not. Probably show the integers used to determine that it is not a perfect integer
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