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Created February 25, 2015 23:30
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- (UIPresentationController *)presentationControllerForPresentedViewController:(UIViewController *)presented presentingViewController:(UIViewController *)presenting sourceViewController:(UIViewController *)source
// Here, we'll provide the presentation controller to be used for the presentation
Class presentationControllerClass;
// If our presentation should be awesome, return the AAPLCoolPresentationController. We determine this based on -[AAPLRootViewController presentationShouldBeAwesome]
if([source isKindOfClass:[AAPLRootViewController class]] && [(AAPLRootViewController *)source presentationShouldBeAwesome])
presentationControllerClass = [AAPLCoolPresentationController class];
presentationControllerClass = [AAPLOverlayPresentationController class];
return [[presentationControllerClass alloc] initWithPresentedViewController:presented presentingViewController:presenting];
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