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@juniorxsound juniorxsound/SoundProps.cs Secret
Created May 2, 2017

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using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
public class SoundProps : MonoBehaviour {
public static Dictionary<string, float[]> props = new Dictionary<string, float[]>();
private void Awake()
buildSoundProp("cgPong", 0.3f);
buildSoundProp("brassbowl", 0.5f);
buildSoundProp("crotale", 1.0f);
buildSoundProp("gran", 0.3f);
buildSoundProp("choir", 0.5f);
buildSoundProp("chords", 1.0f);
buildSoundProp("muted_bass", 0.3f);
buildSoundProp("chime", 0.5f);
buildSoundProp("mk", 1.0f);
private void buildSoundProp(string name, float volume)
float[] tempArray = new float[4];
tempArray[0] = volume;
props.Add(name, tempArray);
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