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Last active September 11, 2016 02:25
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  1. Use Immutable.js for non primitives, such as lists, objects, maps, etc.
  2. Store keys of Immutable.js values should be named with prefix $$ Store should be of the shape:
export type StoreType = {
  $$commentsStore: $$Map<string, any>,
  $$profileStore: $$Map<string, any>,

Action Creators

This is boilerplate code that creates Redux "actions". These a functions to initiate a mesasge to Redux, which can update the store via reducers, kick off a redux saga, trigger other middleware, etc.

Each action creator has the following parts:

  1. actionType: Unique string which identifies the action. All the redux listeners will use this actionType.
  2. List of param values.


Functions of the form (flow syntax)

(store: {}) => {}


  1. Store contains Immutable.js
  2. Selectors convert Immutable, like this: (store) => store.$$somePartOfStore.toJS()
  3. Note that we know that toJS is on the $$somePartOfStore, as it's named with the $$
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