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Last active Dec 4, 2018
What would you like to do?


  • Evangelist ... meetups, write, write, write (Brian)
  • Community Manager ... talk talk talk
  • Kevin & Matthew
  • Nils? Manuel?


  • CEO - ME ... only doing people related things
  • Director - Kevin


  1. Get on react & vuejs consulting
  2. Thomas write articles on vuejs
  3. Release Ylem yesterday
  4. Start getting creative. 5 hrs a week toward learning, building tools, tech debt.


  • what would amplify those feelings
  • ownership ... that he could complete

6.25 weeks

  • Adam L Barrett - Onboard
  • Adri De La Cuadra
  • Andrea
  • Austin
  • Bradley Momberger
  • Chasen - maybish ... what would amplify - ownership
  • Christopher
  • Jamie
  • Manuel
  • Mark
  • Michael - into it
  • Mick
  • Mike
  • Mike Mitchel
  • Nils
  • Ryan
  • Ryan Wilson

5 hrs / week

  • if you aren't learning you are dead

~6.5 weeks a year.

OS Project rankings:

  1. Depends on standardized technology. Example: ECMAScript
  2. Depends on ubiqutous, commercially unafiliated open source technology. Example: jQuery
  3. Depends on ubiqutous, commercially affiliated open source technology. Example: React
  4. Depends on non-ubiqutous, commercially unafiliated open source technology. Example: KefirJS
  5. Depends on non-ubiqutous, commercially affiliated open source technology. Example: FeathersJS

ROI rankings:

  1. Client willing to pay for partial development
  2. Client using technology
  3. Other clients using technology
  4. Voted for
  5. Has 2 partners

Suggestions to work on

  • teach other people how frameworks work

Other ideas

  • want folks to have something special about them
  • will upgrade clients


Move everything under "Bitovi".

To Bitovi's clients

To Bitovi's wonderful clients,

Thank you for the opputunity to build things. When I founded Bitovi, it was after leaving Accenture. There I had a vision for a different type of consulting company. One that celebrated technology, competency, etc ... instead of the sale.

  • where people could learn to be masters of their craft, share code, etc.

That might have been a vision I exected for myself instead of others.

No more writing code. We are going to create an environment where other, like-minded developers and designers can do the same thing.


We've been half heartedly trying to do this for years. Developers could

  • take time off from client work.
  • get rewarded for open source contributions.

But it's not enough. We need to get our people the time to:

  • become an expert
  • help our clients solve complex problems
  • share those solutions with other clients, bitovians and the larger community

So over the next 6 months, everyone at Bitovi will migrate to working 35 hours a week and 5 hours a week on side projects.

  • we also need folks to upgrade! Folks have to be on the latest code if they are going to move technology forward.

Why time?


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justinbmeyer commented Dec 4, 2018

  • cost
  • defined process
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