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MozWebQA Github Workflow Template
--For the first time only:--
# Add mozilla's github repo to your local dev instance
git remote add upstream
--Daily Workflow--
# ensure you're working on master
git checkout master
# pull down updates/latest changes from Mozilla's github repo and update your local copy of master
git pull upstream master
# update your github fork with the latest changes
git push origin master
# Make sure you're still on master and then create a branch to work on. The highlighted branch in green is your current branch and the rest are other branches. “Checking out” a branch means to leave your current one and enter a new one, like reading a version of a book.
git branch
git checkout -b update_readme
# Once you're done doing your work, commit changes and then push the branch to your github repo
git commit -m "Updated the readme file with OSX specific instructions"
git push origin update_readme
# goto your github repo and select the newly created branch. From the site submit your pull request to the Mozilla for review.
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