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Justin Yoo justinyoo

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justinyoo / 01-kv-reference-1.txt
Created Apr 30, 2020
3 Ways Referencing Azure Key Vault from Azure Functions
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justinyoo / 01-create-bin.cs
Created Apr 22, 2020
Building RequestBin with Durable Functions
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public async Task<IActionResult> CreateBin(
[HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Anonymous, "post", Route="bins")] HttpRequest req,
[DurableClient] IDurableClient client)
justinyoo / 01-embedded-request.cs
Created Apr 14, 2020
Building Online Check-in App with Power Apps
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public class EmbeddedRequest
public virtual string PersonGroup { get; set; }
public virtual string Image { get; set; }
justinyoo / 00-environment-variables.cs
Last active Apr 8, 2020
Identifying Faces through Azure Functions Using Face API
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var sasToken = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Blob__SasToken");
var containerName = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Blob__Container");
var personGroup = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Blob__PersonGroup");
var numberOfPhotos = Convert.ToInt32(Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Blob__NumberOfPhotos"));
var tableName = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Table__Name");
var authKey = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Face__AuthKey");
var endpoint = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Face__Endpoint");
var confidence = Convert.ToDouble(Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Face__Confidence"));
justinyoo / 01-photo-capture-1.html
Created Mar 31, 2020
Capturing Images from Browser to Azure Blob Storage via Azure Functions
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<div id="screenshot">
<video autoplay></video>
<img src="">
<canvas style="display:none;"></canvas>
<button class="capture-button">Capture video</button>
<button id="screenshot-button">Take screenshot</button>
justinyoo / 01-payload-ac.json
Last active Mar 25, 2020
Scheduling Posts with GitOps, Durable Functions and GitHub Actions
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"owner": "aliencube",
"repository": "blog",
"issueId": 3,
"schedule": "2020-03-25T07:00:00+09:00"
justinyoo / naver-map-api-facade.cs
Created Mar 12, 2020
Building PowerApps with Naver Map API
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public static class StaticMapHttpTrigger
public static async Task<IActionResult> Run(
[HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Function, "get", Route = "staticmap")] HttpRequest req,
ILogger log)
log.LogInformation("C# HTTP trigger function processed a request.");
var qs = req.QueryString.ToString();
justinyoo / actionable-message-card.json
Created Mar 5, 2020
Implementing ChatOps on GitHub Actions
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"name":"Distribute to App Center",
"target":"${{ steps.kvsecrets.outputs.ApprovalTargetUri }}",
"value":"${{ steps.kvsecrets.outputs.ApprovalTargetAuthKey }}"
justinyoo / action.yml
Created Feb 19, 2020
Building Custom GitHub Action with .NET Core
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name: <Name of Custom GitHub Action>
description: <Short description of Action>
description: <Short description of input parameter>
required: <true|false>
default: <default value>
using: docker
image: Dockerfile
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