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@jvluso jvluso/Identity.sol
Created Jul 27, 2018

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forwarding requirements
pragma solidity ^0.4.4;
import "@aragon/os/contracts/apps/AragonApp.sol";
contract Identity is AragonApp {
bytes32 constant public FORWARD_ROLE = keccak256("FORWARD_ROLE");
bytes32 constant public TO_ROLE = keccak256("TO_ROLE");
function initialize() onlyInit
* @notice Execute desired action
* @dev IForwarder interface conformance.
* @param _evmScript Script being executed
function forward(bytes _evmScript) public {
require(canForward(msg.sender, _evmScript));
require(canPerform(getExecutor(_evmScript), TO_ROLE, arr()));
bytes memory input = new bytes(0); // TODO: Consider input for this
address[] memory blacklist = new address[](0);
runScript(_evmScript, input, blacklist);
function isForwarder() public pure returns (bool) {
return true;
function canForward(address _sender, bytes _evmCallScript) public view returns (bool) {
return canPerform(_sender, FORWARD_ROLE, arr());
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