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Diversity needs resources.

ideas are great. here are some great ideas. you however cannot implement ideas without resources, which basically means money. I am a lot less interested in ideas for a company right now that aren't backed by that company's money / staff.

a few ways to use resources:

  • do you have 2 awesome recruiters who want to do more? let them do it full time.
  • sponsor your employees to give talks about things they care about. (mentorship? good management? =D)
  • systematically reward people for doing diversity work. give them promotions or raises. let everyone know that's how it works.
  • sponsor events (like AlterConf) in your office, and give them organizational support.
  • spend money on better benefits (ie parental leave, trans-inclusive healthcare), and prioritize getting it done
  • invest time in training new + existing employees. ("we don't have time to bring in more junior people" = "we don't think it's important")
  • give your employees time off work to volunteer see this googlers in residence program

If you have more suggestions for how to enable the awesome people you already have to build an awesome organization, I'd love to hear them.

(secret motivation: having a meeting about diversity on Friday, looking for some things to bring to it)


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@punkrockpolly punkrockpolly commented Aug 13, 2015

This is a great list, I got a second round diversity and inclusion brainstorming meeting next week! I'm going to put some of your ideas into my doc. I'll email you a draft of what I have from the first round.

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