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jvns/ Secret

Created Oct 28, 2020
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  • Thanks for this! Love your work as ever, super helpful, informative and fun; I wish i still had a noticeboard by my desk so i could pin this up for quick-reference.
  • Your stuff is awesome. Keep it up, and cheers!
  • The last paragraph hit home quite a lot. Thanks for putting it quite succinctly. Thanks for all that you do again :).
  • ... Thanks again for the wonderful comic, and have a lovely day!
  • I just wanted to tell you I just loooove these Saturday comics! You're awesome,thank you so much <3
  • Other than that – awesome comics! I've learned a lot and have even bought a few for our company so that my colleagues can learn as well! Please keep them coming!
  • I read every one of these and enjoy every one. Thanks for sharing them.
  • Love the content keep up the awesome work!
  • I just want to thank you for this awesome work ! You rock , I just came across your page couple days ago and I loved every work you have done so far !
  • love this one! :)
  • Thanks for all you do Julia 🙂
  • this newsletter is great. I love your work!
  • Awesome! This is so concise and helpful. Thank you!
  • I used this zine page in an article I wrote...
  • Just wanna say thank you. These comics are great and even though I’m familiar with the concepts, they always tell something I did not know before. So clear also. Remarkable.
  • Thanks for the lovely content I'm really enjoying it.
  • I just wanted to say how immensely useful your newsletter and zine series has been for me over the years...
  • ... Thanks again for spending the time to make these 😃
  • Hey Julia, I love your zines. Will there be an SQL one? I know you tweeted some SQL stuff a while back.
  • Many thanks for the emails/zines over the months, much appreciated 🙂
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