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jwhiteman / example.ex
Last active Dec 11, 2015
Elixir vs Ruby (pattern matching vs conditional logic)
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# elixir
defmodule Example do
def work(_msg) do
IO.puts "called 1st function"
def work(_msg, data=[_a, _b, _c]) do
IO.puts "called 2nd function #{inspect data}"
jwhiteman / gist:7634421
Last active Dec 29, 2015
notes on getting hadoop (both single node and a cluster) going on Ubuntu LTS; there are just notes to myself and have some gaps in them. Not meant to be a tutorial or a walkthrough.
View gist:7634421
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vim
# generate keys and copy them over
ssh-copy-id -i vagrant@hnclient # move node ssh key to the client
# update /etc/hosts on each node to know at least the master; the master about the slave nodes
# make sure master can ssh into localost
cat .ssh/ >> .ssh/authorized_keys
# re-read:
jwhiteman / binary_tree.exs
Created Jan 22, 2016
invert a binary tree in Elixir
View binary_tree.exs
defmodule BinaryTree do
def invert([n, list]) when is_integer(n) and is_list(list) do
[n, invert(list)]
def invert([n, nc, m, mc])
when is_integer(n) and is_integer(m)
and is_list(nc) and is_list(mc) do
jwhiteman / pipe.rb
Created Nov 18, 2016
Simple pipeline using Threads and Queues
View pipe.rb
require "thread"
stage_one =
stage_two =
stage_three =
stage_one_worker = do
100.times do |n|
stage_one << n
View join.rb
# A reminder that join conceptually combines the stacks of the parent and child threads.
# If you consider that the stack grows downard, the child stack will sit below the parent
# stack. See output below.
def main?
Thread.current == Thread.main
def name
if main?
jwhiteman /
Created Dec 30, 2016
sort strace output
strace cmd 2> /dev/stdout | cut -d '(' -f 1 | sort | uniq | grep -v "[+=]" | sort -rn -k1,1
jwhiteman / client.rb
Last active Jan 7, 2017
UDP in Ruby - packing socket manually
View client.rb
# or `echo some-request | nc localhost 8181 -4u `
MAX_READ = 1024 * 8
s = Socket.pack_sockaddr_in 8181, ""
c.send("some-request", FLAGS, s)
res = c.recv(MAX_READ)
View processes-and-pubsub.rb
require 'httparty'
require 'redis'
require 'json'
require 'timeout'
$publisher =
$subscriber =
CHANNEL = 'omg'
jwhiteman / dfa.exs
Created Jan 27, 2017
basic DFA simulation
View dfa.exs
defmodule DFA do
def accepts?(accept: accept_states, rules: rules, s: string) do
|> String.graphemes
|> List.foldl(1, fn(char, state) -> next(state: state, char: char, rules: rules) end)
|> member?(accept_states)
defp next(state: nil, char: _char, rules: _rules) do
jwhiteman / s3.rb
Created Jan 30, 2017
Basic Aws::S3::Client usage
View s3.rb
"AccessKey": {
"UserName": "",
"Status": "Active",
"CreateDate": "2016-11-04T16:25:27.123Z",
"SecretAccessKey": "secret",
"AccessKeyId": "access"
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