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"_id": "58744feda8aae907000d06c0",
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"_id": "588421e46ecf3a0700b7a31d",
"url": ""
"incubateTime": "2017-02-09T05:45:14.673Z",
"metaDescription": "你想自動擷取網站上的資料嗎?你學了 Python 卻不知道該從什麼程式開始練習嗎?這堂課就是為你準備的!本課程會循序漸進地說明如何撰寫 Python 網頁爬蟲,從環境設定開始,涵蓋網頁解構、資料擷取與儲存,及多項實戰演練,讓你在學習過程中及對於學習成果都有滿滿的成就感。",
"numSoldTickets": 514,
"owner": {
"_id": "58744a86a8aae907000d0684",
"name": "Jun-Wei Lin",
"profileImageUrl": "",
"username": "junwei"
"preOrderedPrice": 990,
"price": 1890,
"proposalDueTime": "2017-03-11T00:00:00.000Z",
"reviewing": false,
"status": "PUBLISHED",
"successCriteria": {
"numSoldTickets": 50
"title": "Python 網頁爬蟲入門實戰",
"totalVideoLengthInSeconds": 15290,
"type": "COURSE",
"uniquename": "python-web-crawler"
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