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Migrate versions of GPKG-RTE
create table t1 as select * from gpkgext_relations;
drop table gpkgext_relations;
CREATE TABLE 'gpkgext_relations' (
geospatial_table_name TEXT NOT NULL,
geospatial_primary_column TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT 'id',
attributes_table_name TEXT NOT NULL,
attributes_primary_column TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT 'id',
relation_name TEXT NOT NULL,
mapping_table_name TEXT NOT NULL UNIQUE,
cardinality TEXT NOT NULL CHECK( cardinality in ('many-to-many','many-to-one','one-to-many'))
insert into gpkgext_relations select id,
base_table_name as geospatial_table_name,
base_primary_column as geospatial_primary_column,
attribute_table_name as attributes_table_name,
attribute_primary_column as attributes_primary_column,
relation_name, mapping_table_name, cardinality
from t1;
create table t1 as select * from cats_mapping;
drop table cats_mapping;
create table cats_mapping (
geospatial_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
attributes_id INTEGER NOT NULL
insert into cats_mapping select base_id as geospatial_id,
attribute_id as attributes_id from t1;
drop table t1;
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