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Created Mar 1, 2020
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Unbiased Jesus Reporting

Well friends, it seems just when he couldn't sink any lower in public opinion, Jesus is at it again folks. The self-appointed clown prince of public morality and unemployed disgruntled carpenter turned would-be 'messiah' is going from being a bit of a bore to becoming the laughing stock of Jerusalem after positively losing it in an oh so public hissy fit at the temple today. Ever desperate for attention, the so-called 'Nanny from Nazareth' must be bucking for his own reality TV show as he conducted his own drama-queen masterclass today by knocking over the money changing tables in a seeming publicity stunt to the amusement of children and the horror of local businesses. "What a pathetic tool." said a prominent official who asked to remain anonymous. "I couldn't bring myself to hate him because we were all too busy laughing at this self-important 'son of god'.

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