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Kevin Mao k-mao

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View RockPaperScissorsTrainer_ContentView.swift
import SwiftUI
struct PlayerMoveEmoji: ViewModifier {
func body(content: Content) -> some View {
.font(.system(size: 60))
.padding(.bottom, 8)
View TimeTurner2_ContentView.swift
import SwiftUI
struct ResultRow: View {
var convertedTime: Text
var unit: String
var body: some View {
Section {
HStack {
View TimeTurner_ContentView.swift
import SwiftUI
struct ContentView: View {
enum timeUnits: String, CaseIterable, Identifiable {
var id: String { self.rawValue }
case seconds = "seconds"
case minutes = "minutes"
case hours = "hours"
case days = "days"
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