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import sys
from lark import Lark, Transformer
class Calculator(Transformer):
def addition(self, items):
return items[0] + items[1]
def substraction(self, items):
return items[0] - items[1]
def multiplication(self, items):
return items[0] * items[1]
def divisiton(self, items):
return items[0] / items[1]
def fact(self, items):
return float(items[0])
def number(self, items):
return float(items[0])
if __name__ == '__main__':
expression = ' '.join(sys.argv[1:])
rule = open('grammer.txt').read()
calc_parser = Lark(rule, start='expr', parser='lalr')
tree = calc_parser.parse(expression)
result = Calculator().transform(tree)
print(f'計算結果: {result}')
?expr: term
| addition
| substraction
addition: expr "+" term
substraction: expr "-" term
?term: fact
| multiplication
| division
multiplication: term "*" fact
division: term "/" fact
?fact: number
| priority
?priority: "(" expr ")"
%import common.SIGNED_NUMBER
%import common.WS
%ignore WS
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