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Batch Unprotect GitLab protected_branches via python
import requests
import json
import logging
class GitLab:
token = ''
auth_headers = None
base_api = ''
client = None
def __init__(self, token):
self.token = token
self.auth_headers = {
'PRIVATE-TOKEN': self.token
self.client = requests.sessions.Session()
self.client.headers = self.auth_headers
def list_user_projects(self, user, page=1, per_page=100):
params = {
'per_page': per_page,
'page': page,
'owned': True,
'order_by': 'created_at',
'sort': 'desc'
with self.client.get(f'{self.base_api}/users/{user}/projects', params=params) as r:
if r.status_code ==
projects = json.loads(r.text)
has_next = False
links = r.headers['Link']
if links:
for link in links.split(', '):
if link.endswith('rel="next"'):
has_next = True
return dict(projects=projects, has_next=has_next)
logging.error(f'list user projects failed: {r.text}')
return None
def list_all_user_projects(self, user):
projects = []
page = 1
while True:
res = self.list_user_projects(user, page=page)
if res is None:
return None
if not res['has_next']:
return projects
page += 1
def list_protected_branches(self, project_id):
with self.client.get(f'{self.base_api}/projects/{project_id}/protected_branches') as r:
if r.status_code ==
branches = json.loads(r.text)
return branches
logging.error(f'list protected branches failed: {r.text}')
return None
# Unprotects the given protected branch or wildcard protected branch.
def unprotect_repository_branches(self, project_id, branch_name):
with self.client.delete(f'{self.base_api}/projects/{project_id}/protected_branches/{branch_name}') as r:
if r.status_code ==
f'unprotect repository branches failed: {r.text}')
def unprotect_branches(user, token):
g = GitLab(token)
projects = g.list_all_user_projects(user)
if projects is None:
print(f'found projects: {len(projects)}')
for project in projects:
project_id = project['id']
project_name = project['name']
print(f'list protected branches: {project_name}')
protected_branches = g.list_protected_branches(project_id)
for branch in protected_branches:
branch_name = branch['name']
print(f'unprotect branch: {project_name}/{branch_name}')
g.unprotect_repository_branches(project_id, branch_name)
if __name__ == '__main__':
user = ''
token = ''
unprotect_branches(user, token)
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