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import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
data = pd.read_csv('weight-height.csv')
height = np.array(data['Height'])
weight = np.matrix(data['Weight']).T
gender = np.array([0 if x == 'Male' else 1 for x in data['Gender']])
feature_0 = [1] * len(height)
data = np.matrix([feature_0, gender, height]).T
calculation = np.linalg.pinv(data.T * data) * data.T * weight
def predict(gender, height):
"""male is 0, female is 1"""
testing_set = np.array([1, gender, height])
prediction = np.array(testing_set * calculation)[0][0]
print(f'Weight is {int(prediction)}')
predict(0, 250)
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