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Pretty Flask like routes in Falcon python framework
import os
import pkgutil
class route(object):
""" Decorates RequestHandlers and builds a list of routes """
_routes = []
def __init__(self, uri):
""" Initializes route object
uri: uri of the Request Handler
self._uri = uri
def __call__(self, _handler):
""" Adds Handler instance and URI and append to the list of routes
_handler: falcon Request Handler object
self._routes.append([self._uri, _handler()])
return _handler
def get_routes(cls):
""" Returns list of routes """
return cls._routes
def add_routes(app):
""" Get all routes from handler decorator and add them to the app """
routes = route.get_routes()
for r in routes:
app.add_route(r[0], r[1])
def autoload(dirname):
""" Autoload all modules in a directory """
for path, directories, files in os.walk(dirname):
for importer, package_name, _ in pkgutil.iter_modules([path]):
# Supposedly, this means the module is already loaded, but that is
# not the case for tests. It shouldn't hurt to reload them anyways.
# if package_name not in sys.modules or True:
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