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it('must correctly render the initial browser ui', function(done) {
var container ='#subapp-browser');
view = new Sidebar({
container: container,
store: new Y.juju.charmworld.APIv3({
apiHost: 'http://localhost'
// mock out the data source on the view so that it won't actually make a
// request.
var emptyData = {
responseText: Y.JSON.stringify({
result: {
'new': [],
slider: []
// Override the store to not call the dummy localhost address.
new Y.DataSource.Local({source: emptyData}));
// And the hide button is rendered to the container node.
// Also verify that the search widget has rendered into the view code.
// The home buttons are not visible by default.
// Yet changing the attribute triggers it to go. = function() {
// The only way to exit the test is that we hit this callback bound to
// the change event we trigger below.
view.set('withHome', true);
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