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kalenjordan / emoji.csv
Created November 15, 2015 22:20
emoji.csv that can be used in php apps
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😀 grinning face
😁 grinning face with smiling eyes
😂 face with tears of joy
😃 smiling face with open mouth
😄 smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
😅 smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
😆 smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
😉 winking face
😊 smiling face with smiling eyes
😋 face savouring delicious food
kalenjordan /
Last active November 6, 2015 21:07
Web Crons

I've been thinking about whether it might be easier to use a separate cron file for some of my extension-specific crons and access it over the web, so that I could control the cron schedule on my end without the customer having to worry about configuring it.

I know that running crons over HTTP is generally a bad idea, but I'm just trying to think through the pros and cons.

The main con to having Magento handle this is that many people seem to be running a 5 minute cron, even post-email-queueing, which I don't quite understand. But it is what it is. So now, all of a sudden, in order to enable a feature (order confirmation emails), they're having to go in and update their cron schedule. From a usability point of view, that's quite a bit deeper under the hood than I ever want a customer to have to go in order to enable a feature. If everyone was already running a 1 minute cron, this would make things a lot more seamless, but that just doesn't seem to be the case currently.

Also, I'm concerned that in some

View custom-social-media-markup.html.twig
<table class="custom-social-footer" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr>
<td class='social-icon-wrapper'>
<table class="social-icon facebook" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td>
<a href="{{ settings.facebook_handle }}">
<img border="0" src="{{ facebook_image_url }}">
<td class='social-icon-wrapper'>
<table class="social-icon instagram" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td>
View image-fetch-observer-config.xml
View Observer.php
* @param $observer Varien_Event_Observer
public function productImageFetchAfter($observer)
/** @var Varien_Object $data */
$data = $observer->getData('data');

Few things resonated with me about the article. I was never one of those "solopreneur on the beach" types anyways. But I think I did glamorize a little bit the benefits of being a successful one man show. Don't get me wrong, I do think it's a great gig, but I've been seeing a need for being part of a team growing in myself personally over time.

That's not to say everyone will feel like that. Certainly there are probably some people that will be perfectly content to work solo for their entire lives. And I may be one of them - jury is still out on that.

But I have been feeling more of a need to be part of a team over the past 2 or so years that I've been going solo.

Also the idea of working on bigger problems is something I've been thinking about more. I think earlier on I was more interested in working on manageable problems that wouldn't have a lot of complications and could still be reasonably profitable. I still think that's a great way to start and again a great way to live.

But I've also been

View magemail-exit-modal.html
<div data-remodal-id="mm-exit-modal" id="mm-exit-modal" style="display: none;">
<h1>(Custom) Before you leave...</h1>
<div class="cart-contents-wrapper">
<p class="loading">Loading...</p>
<div class="cart-contents hidden" style="display: none;">
<div class="item item-template" style="display: none;">
<div class="image-wrapper">
<img src="">
<div class="name-wrapper">
curl --data "api_key=aeb434592f1c0b8352448a54ddbe9db7&"
View better-visitor-log-abandonment.sql
SELECT as 'Email'
, MAX(l.created_at) as 'Last Viewed'
, group_concat(product_name.value) as 'Products'
, IFNULL(customer_firstname.value, 'Guest') as 'Customer Name'
FROM kj_bettervisitorlog_log AS l
LEFT JOIN sales_flat_order AS o ON o.customer_email = AND o.created_at > l.created_at
LEFT JOIN customer_entity AS customer ON =
LEFT JOIN customer_entity_varchar AS customer_firstname ON customer_firstname.attribute_id = 5
AND customer_firstname.entity_id = customer.entity_id
kalenjordan /
Created March 26, 2015 15:17
Safer Magento Registration Emails

Safer Magento Registration Emails

This is a little idea for a module maybe for a hackathon or something. Magento includes passwords in plain text in registration emails by default. In some cases you can just suppress the password, but in other cases you can't - for example if you have customer service reps creating accounts over the phone that need to generate password and send them to customers.

So - how about integrating with to send email passwords, or perhaps generating temporary password that expire after a day or two, requiring them to use the forgot password if they didn't login by that time.