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Created Dec 12, 2012

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WordPress 3.5 ZipList Plugin Workaround

There is now a known bug in the lastest version of WordPress 3.5, that affects the functionality of the ZipList Plugin. This bug only affects posts that you open and edit in WordPress 3.5. All of your previous posts will display just fine.

However every time you edit a recipe in the post or switch to the Visual Editor the fix will erase itself. We know how inconvenient this is and appreciate your patience. We actively working on solving this problem permanently. For the time being, here is a quick work around:

Before publishing recipes, click on the Text tab on the far right

alt text

Locate the following line of code:

alt text

Be sure to update the recipe number (in this example, 126) with the one that corresponds to the recipe you're updating (which you'll see in the code following "amd-zlrecipe-recipe-").

Replace all of the following:

<img class="amd-zlrecipe-recipe" id="amd-zlrecipe-recipe-126" alt="" src="" />

With the following (be sure to replace "126" with the number that corresponds to the recipe you're updating):


To finish click Publish.

alt text

For the time being, any recipe you edit will need to be saved this way. We understand the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience. Our development team is actively working on a permanent fix as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us at .

ZipList Plugin Team

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