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Last active Sep 14, 2020
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Practical Regex #2: Cast study example
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hs9mnz False 156650 [OC] Trending Google Searches by State Between 2018 and 2020 1594906045
fxucds False 120197 For everyone asking why i didn't include the Spanish Flu and other plagues in my last post... [OC] 1586445860
i9ljw9 False 117964 I analysed 70 years of baby names in the US to decide what to call a male Karen. It's Terry. [OC] 1597410183
b5f9wi False 111292 Let's hear it for the lurkers! The vast majority of Reddit users don't post or comment. [OC] 1553542630
hni7zy False 107755 US College Tuition & Fees vs. Overall Inflation [OC] 1594219207
ejhw7w False 104490 Area of land burnt in Australia and area of smoke coverage shown as equivalent area over Europe [OC] 1578069577
dbntq8 False 101568 Light Speed � fast, but slow [OC] 1569902812
8cwcbu False 101457 Cause of Death - Reality vs. Google vs. Media [OC] 1523970172
8bzdr8 False 99626 Gaze and foot placement when walking over rough terrain (article link in comments) [OC] 1523628194
fpga3f False 99488 [OC] To show just how insane this week's unemployment numbers are, I animated initial unemployment insurance claims from 1967 until now. These numbers are just astonishing. 1585245693
i2vx78 True 98638 The environmental impact of Beyond Meat and a beef patty [OC] 1596456703
fxoxti False 98067 Coronavirus Deaths vs Other Epidemics From Day of First Death (Since 2000) [OC] 1586422082
ijs7s3 False 96392 [OC] What I'm about to learn about after my kid says, 'Wanna know somefing?' Data collected over the course of 7 days. 1598851419
csl706 False 96222 I recorded my travels as a professional truck driver since 2012. 1566239435
f1qfx7 False 95744 [oc] I sat by a fire and recorded what people said 1581342050
iho046 False 95142 How representative are the representatives? The demographics of the U.S. Congress, broken down by party [OC]. 1598545013
elc8yg False 94992 Leonardo DiCaprio Refuses to Date a Woman His Age [OC] 1578407385
ickvfq False 93690 [OC] Two thousand years of global temperatures in twenty seconds 1597831654
ija2rc False 91915 [OC] Most Popular Web Browsers between 1995 and 2019 1598779684
hdrnfw False 91747 [OC] Blockbuster Video US store locations between 1986 and 2019 1592829737
fqqzki False 91550 Worst Episode Ever? The Most Commonly Rated Shows on IMDb and Their Lowest Rated Episodes [OC] 1585424605
ft878l False 90987 [OC] My anxiety level vs my daughters sentence 1585773736
duax05 False 85481 [OC] Hours of daylight as a function of day of the year and latitude 1573389341
855y7m False 84423 11 different brands of AA batteries, tested in identical flashlights. [OC] 1521314006
ho1sh3 False 84089 Hardest Golfing President [OC] 1594295772
efvgve False 82777 Where is each ore found in a minecraft world? [OC] 1577367178
fj7535 False 80494 [OC] COVID-19 spread from January 23 through March 14th. (Multiple people independently told me to post this here) 1584301243
i8saks False 77788 I�ve been taking Stock Market Chart and turning them into landscape art. An alternative and simple explanation of the pandemic affect these companies. This one a years snapshot of Ford. 1597288268
fwjces False 77758 [OC] The absolute quality of Breaking Bad. 1586261054
8hys9k False 76725 The City is Alive: The Population of Manhattan, Hour-by-Hour [OC] 1525802231
hfk5f4 False 75164 [OC] Attendance at Donald Trump�s rally in Tulsa, compared to the number of tickets Trump claimed were requested. 1593082912
hvf1ms False 74403 Lyrical Composition of Daft Punk's 'Around the World' [OC] 1595362965
i99jnm False 73886 Birthday frequency graphic featured in today's New York Post [OC] 1597356863
7s8hck False 73273 Paths of 800 unmanned bicycles being pushed until they fall over 1516651141
f6stjs False 72855 [OC] 2020 Presidential Candidates by Net Worth 1582204085
cxuah9 False 72683 Usage Share of Internet Browsers 1996 - 2019 [OC] 1567245918
fm38c1 False 72084 [OC] COVID-19 infections vs. r/Coronavirus subscriptions 1584740054
fppc7v False 71874 [OC] Where the money goes in the US Senate's $2T coronavirus stimulus bill 1585277659
dp5tda False 71404 [OC] I cycled through all the streets Central London 1572437250
fkwova True 71377 [OC] RNA sequence of COVID19. This 8kb of data is responsible for all the chaos out there 1584563854
g5b14x False 71331 [OC] US oil price 1587455448
hdaf6n False 70425 [OC] Top 10 Highest Covid-19 donations with the percentage of their net worth 1592759233
7r47jj False 68848 Pornhub traffic in Hawaii during the 'missile alert' 1516222545
6baefh False 67389 Berlin Subway Map compared to it's real geography [OC] 1494855133
gm1r3v False 66593 Light speed is fast, but space is vast [OC] 1589809614
igyfxm False 66323 [OC] Two thousand years of global atmospheric carbon dioxide in twenty seconds 1598447084
hkzg6x False 66212 [OC] The popularity of the name �Karen� has seen a dramatic decrease within the last ten years 1593847996
fhykic False 66010 [OC] This chart comparing infection rates between Italy and the US 1584101020
78m9yi False 65367 People killed in terrorist attacks in 2017: Europe (Blue) vs Africa (Red) [OC] 1508918703
ic2i0k False 65341 [OC] 10 Years of Tesla Stock Prices 1597762511
7pwnub False 65005 Optimal routes from the geographic center of the U.S. to all counties [OC] 1515764867
7sewjx False 64402 Heatmap of numbers found at the end of Reddit usernames [OC] 1516719317
hr1131 False 64076 [OC] What percent Gordon Ramsay�s Kitchen Nightmares are still open? 1594731507
cvoyti False 63064 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch [OC] 1566830474
ctq357 False 62494 Tinder over 3 years (18-21 Male) [OC] 1566435699
f29sgf False 62228 [OC] I made this blanket. It's the daily high/low temperatures for Denver in 1992. 1581434574
e9ymhg False 62212 I grew 97 different types of broccoli this summer and visualized their biological diversity [OC]. 1576208729
e6ybnq False 61773 YouTube's Top 100 Most Subscribed 2010 vs 2019 [OC] 1575636431
gwdr9d False 60778 [OC] People Killed by Police Forces (Annual rate per 10 million people) 1591261107
ec1szk False 59959 [OC] I got annoyed with FedEx and created a visualization of my package's journey. 1576616049
i1rca8 False 59946 [OC] Continents & Countries Compared 1596284493
dchx6y False 59725 In America, young adults are now more likely to live with parents than spouses [OC] 1570056242
gjda9z False 59603 Most of the drug arrests in the U.S involve a gram or less and 70% are for marijuana 1589422527
gp47b4 False 59579 What's the biggest one hit wonder on Spotify? [OC] 1590237384
cvdhog False 59563 Public opinion of same-sex relations in the United States [OC] 1566763644
i692gp False 59409 [OC] popularity of the name �Karen� over time in the US. 1596929013
g23ago False 59367 [OC] Richest people in the world since 1997 1586992997
7ol3gy False 59318 Gaussian distribution [OC] 1515264919
7dnnng False 58819 Cardiac Related Deaths During 2013 in the Contiguous USA Compared to Waffle House Locations. (Follow up to previous post) [OC] 1510949745
fl2rg2 False 58588 [OC] A plot of COVID-19 cases with quotes from the President superimposed. Data from wikipedia/JHU and Snopes. Made with Mathematica. 1584586995
eij4pn True 58465 [OC] My poop calendar 2019 1577890608
fdttbg False 58131 [OC] Bloomberg's Campaign Expenditures compared to the GDP of the only primary he won 1583407179
hhz5zo False 58083 [OC] Toys 'R' Us Stores across the US from 1957 to 2020 1593434598
i2ffg2 False 58061 My attempt to graphically combat the idea that U.S. has more cases because we test more. [OC] 1596387670
5l39mu False 57838 My daughters sleeping patterns for the first 4 months of her life. One continuous spiral starting on the inside when she was born, each revolution representing a single day. Midnight at the top (24 hour clock). [OC] 1483101975
6v8a9m False 57539 [OC] 'My eyes hurt' 1503371195
ik0km9 True 57531 [OC] A year ago I was hospitalized for a failed suicide attempt, I decided then, that I wanted to be healthier and happier; this is what a year of therapy and proper medication can do. Don�t give up. 1598889325
d4mh5k False 57513 The impact of smartphones on the camera industry [OC] 1568563783
hv61w2 False 57458 Hey Jude Lyrical Composition [OC] 1595332550
8rfnc0 True 57395 Average flag colour by latitude [OC] 1529108284
ffgyhd True 57315 What women want over the years [OC] 1583693260
7n8ocd True 57287 Every Single Hour Of My 2017 Recorded [OC] 1514729883
idvzzq False 57164 [OC] How the number of words spoken by a character in an episode correlates with the IMDB score of South Park 1598013774
9nkhkz False 57148 Animating the Mercator projection to the true size of each country in relation to all the others. [OC] 1539352624
8wmdyf False 57091 [OC] Percent of Air Per Bag of Chips 1530901037
i8daoz False 56759 [OC] Most Popular Baby Girl Names in the US From 1950 to 2018 1597237208
hjyz0p False 56692 [OC] U.S. COVID-19 cases by 2016 election results 1593703357
f4smlz False 56643 WW2 killed 27 million Russians. Every 25 years you see an echo of this loss of population in the form of a lower birth rate. 1581869176
f8c0uf False 56537 Youth behavior trends in the United States, 9th grade, 14-15 years old [OC] 1582476735
8bi05k True 56157 Taylor Swift's Newfound Infatuation with Alcohol [OC] 1523460989
i0fts2 False 55778 There was a spike in buying of Kodak stock in the day BEFORE the announcement of a massive loan from the US government caused the price to skyrocket over 1000% [OC] 1596084132
7oqygb False 55379 My 500 days on OkCupid [OC] 1515336887
drhfwj False 55324 Relative rotation rates and axial tilts of (the only) mapped planets and dwarf planets, at 10hours/sec [OC] 1572873227
f47rqh True 54990 The most awarded reddit posts [OC] 1581762872
i7x16l False 54980 It's my birthday! What are the most common birthdays in the United States? [OC] 1597170136
hwlxld False 54825 [oc] How taboo and popular are sexual fetishes? A survey of 2044 respondents. 1595531473
exs2vk False 54531 Most F-words in a scripted film [OC] 1580665798
a4l0ta False 54503 The Unit Circle [OC] 1544362690
hg98zn False 54324 Planets and dwarf planets to scale in size, rotation speed, axial tilt and oblateness (numbered in distance order from Sun) [OC] 1593183909
dcrwq2 False 54265 Try to impeach this? A redesign of the now-infamous 2016 election map, focusing on votes instead of land area. [OC] 1570114057
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kangabru commented Sep 14, 2020

Top 100 posts from r/dataisbeautiful on Reddit marked with whether 'colorblind' is mentioned in the comments.

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