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Last active Feb 13, 2022
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Development actions in editor

This is a summary of actions that I use during development.

I aim two things

  • navigate codebase with speed
  • be agnostic in terms of progamming language and IDE


I use IntelliJ based IDEs with vim-plugin installed.

Keystrokes are handled either by IDE or vim plug-in. The intention is to combine powers of IDE and vim together.

Category: editor navigation

key action section
Go to definition gd Navi
Go to implementation g] Navi
Go to super implementation gs Navi
Go back Ctrl+o Navi
Go forward Ctrl+i Navi
Go to file Ctrl+Alt+o Open
File structure Alt+Shift+o
Find in path Alt+Shift+f
Find usages Ctrl+g
Type hierarchy Ctrl+h
Show documentation K Misc
Select file in tree \nf Misc
Go to next tab tk Tab navi
Go to previous tab tj Tab navi
Go to first tab t0 Tab navi
Go to last tab t9 Tab navi
Organize imports Ctrl+Shift+o Linting
Auto-format code Ctrl+Shift+o Linting
Increase font size ^= View
Decrease font size ^- View
Reset font size ^0 View

Tool windows

open window # key
project window #1 Alt+1
database window #2 Alt+2
debug window #3 Alt+3
gradle window #4 Alt+4
build window #5 Alt+5


run unit tests run integration tests deploy to default server

Category: run / deploy

action key
Run tests in active editor Ctrl+Shift+r
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