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Created November 27, 2022 21:05
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My resumé
% Resume in Latex
% Author : Jake Gutierrez
% Based off of:
% License : MIT
%----------FONT OPTIONS----------
% sans-serif
% \usepackage[sfdefault]{FiraSans}
% \usepackage[sfdefault]{roboto}
% \usepackage[sfdefault]{noto-sans}
% \usepackage[default]{sourcesanspro}
% serif
% \usepackage{CormorantGaramond}
% \usepackage{charter}
\fancyhf{} % clear all header and footer fields
% Adjust margins
% Sections formatting
}{}{0em}{}[\color{black}\titlerule \vspace{-5pt}]
% Ensure that generate pdf is machine readable/ATS parsable
% Custom commands
{#1 \vspace{-2pt}}
\textbf{#1} & #2 \\
\textit{\small#3} & \textit{\small #4} \\
\textit{\small#1} & \textit{\small #2} \\
\small#1 & #2 \\
\newcommand{\resumeSubHeadingListStart}{\begin{itemize}[leftmargin=0.15in, label={}]}
%%%%%% RESUME STARTS HERE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\textbf{\Huge \scshape Karanja Mutahi} \\ \vspace{3pt}
\small (+44) 07880967494 $|$ \href{}{\underline{}} $|$
\href{}{\underline{}} $|$
{Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture \& Technology}{Nairobi,}
{Bachelor of Science in Electrical \& Electronics Engineering}{Sep 2015 - Nov 2021}
{Software Engineer}{July 2021 - Present}
{Goldman Sachs}{London, UK}
\resumeItem{Implemented a job to send periodic alerts of built-up errors that increased visibility of system faults and \textbf{led to a 19\% increase in resolved exceptions.}}
\resumeItem{Implemented a continuous deployment pipeline to Kubernetes that introduced code versioning for preproduction environments, led to \textbf{faster release cycles (every two days from once a week)} and faster, safer rollbacks. }
\resumeItem{Implemented a gRPC web service to manage loan trades and persist data on Spanner. Led to \textgreater90\% reduction in data quality issues due to a clear data contract.}
{Software Engineer}{April 2021 -- July 2021}
{Microsoft}{Nairobi, KE}
\resumeItem{Removed dead code surrounding a deprecated feature and reworked associated tests that touched about 4\% of the module's code base}
{Software Engineering Intern}{July 2020 -- Aug 2020}
{Goldman Sachs}{London, UK}
\resumeItem{Implemented a proof of concept of a distributed cache service on Apache Ignite which \textbf{reduced initial fetch time by 55\% across all deplomeyment regions. }}
\resumeItem{Implemented a metrics collection service in Prometheus format which served as a service level indicator. \textbf{Increased the firm's monitored services by 2 \& improved the team's SRE compliance}}
% -----------Multiple Positions Heading-----------
% \resumeSubSubheading
% {Software Engineer I}{Oct 2014 - Sep 2016}
% \resumeItemListStart
% \resumeItem{Apache Beam}
% {Apache Beam is a unified model for defining both batch and streaming data-parallel processing pipelines}
% \resumeItemListEnd
% \resumeSubHeadingListEnd
{Software Engineering Contractor}{July 2019 -- Feb 2020}
{Novek Enterprises}{Nairobi, KE}
\resumeItem{Implemented a mobile money billing feature and an MQTT telemetry feature for a proof of concept of a liquid cooking oil vending machine in C++. }
{Software Engineering Intern}{July 2018 -- Nov 2018}
{BRCK Inc.}{Nairobi, KE}
\resumeItem{Implemented a visualization script in Python to fetch datapoints from IoT devices in the field and display them on a Google Sheet for monthly customer reports. \textbf{Reduced report generation time from 4 hours to 15 minutes}}
{\textbf{Jacobian Project} $|$ \emph{Flask, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, PostgreSQL,Docker}}{\href{}{\color{blue}Link}}
\resumeItem{Developed a full-stack web application using with Flask serving a REST API with Server-Side-Rendered Vue (Nuxt.js) as the frontend}
{\textbf{Mess Bot} $|$ \emph{Telegram Bot API, Node.JS, NLTK}}{\href{}{\color{blue}Link}}
\resumeItem{Built a Telegram Chat Bot to facilitate asynchronous food ordering and collection from the school cafeteria}
\resumeItem{Learned about handling free-form text input via tokenization}
%-----------PROGRAMMING SKILLS-----------
\section{Technical Skills}
\begin{itemize}[leftmargin=0.15in, label={}]
\textbf{Languages}{: Java, Python, Javascript, C/C++, Golang} \\
\textbf{Frameworks}{: React, Vue js, Flask, Spring, Tailwind, Gorilla} \\
\textbf{Tools \& Platforms}{: Git, Docker, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, CI/CD }
%------------LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE--------
\resumeItem{Shadowed the CTO following good performance on the Goldman Sachs Internship program. Got a first hand view of high level decisions and learned a lot about leading a large technology organisation}
\resumeItem{Won the National Level of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018}
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