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Last active August 1, 2017 04:23
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Converting Newsblur OPML to human-readable format "the hard way but pretty"
#Converting Newsblur OPML to human-readable "the hard way but pretty"
#Use Notepad++ find+replace. Select Regex option and Replace All.
#First, remove the head
Find: <head>.+<\/head>
Replace with: ""
#Remove newsblur stuff
Find: <opml.+<body>|<\/opml>|<\/body>
Replace with: ""
#Put everything on it's own line
Find: ><outline
Replace with: >\r<outline
#Make the headers
Find: <(outline text=")(.+)" title.+>
Replace with: $2
Finalize and cleanup closed header tag from last step. Replace with "$2 - $3" if you want to use XML url instead, can be more accurate to the feed itself.
Find: <outline htmlUrl="(.+)" text=.+ title="(.+)" type=".+ xmlUrl="(.+)" \/>(<\/outline>)?
Replace with: $2 - $1
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