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Last active December 6, 2018 13:55
What would you like to do?
Let's get you started:
- Slack: sign up for Slack and go to #design.
- Team site:
- Handbook:
- Meeting times: Monday 16:30 UTC Triage / Wednesday 19:00 UTC weekly team meeting.
- Invision access:
- Figma signup: (need to be signed into Slack)
- Join Trello:
Task Options:
- Block breakdown: in groups of 3-5 people
Choose up to 3 existing sites. Break down into blocks.
Add your results to an Invision Board:
- Block focus: in groups of 3-5 people
From blocks you identified now chohose a few to design.
Use whatever format you want to do this.
Once done add to Invision Board:
- Block refinements: continue work on blocks, test and iterate.
- Beyond blocks:
Begin to audit the entire WordPress interface, are there common blocks you can pull out there?
What are the core patterns?
Add to Invision board:
- Triage run: for those that have localhost and are comfortable with trac/github.
Before you go!
- Please fill out the survey:
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