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Test Oracle
import random, os
# define constants
correct_program = "correct.exe"
incorrect_program = "incorrect.exe"
input_file = "input.txt"
correct_output = "correct_output.txt"
incorrect_output = "incorrect_output.txt"
num_testcases = 10
# generate test cases and write to input file
# create small, random test cases, consistent with the problem description
testcases = [random.random() for i in xrange(num_testcases)]
with open(input_file, 'w') as input_f:
for testcase in testcases:
# write test case to input file, consistent with the format described in the problem
input_f.write(str(testcase) + '\n')
# execute the two programs, resulting in them generating the output files
# compare the two output files and find a point of difference
with open(correct_output, 'r') as correct_f:
with open(incorrect_output, 'r') as incorrect_f:
for i in xrange(num_testcases):
# assuming that we output 1 line for each test case
# If multiple lines are output per test case, then all those should be read here
correct, incorrect = correct_f.readline(), incorrect_f.readline()
if correct != incorrect:
print testcases[i], "\ncorrect = ", correct, "\nincorrect = ", incorrect
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