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import tensorflow as tf
# adapted from
if __name__ == '__main__':
path_to_events_file = '/home/kashefy/models/ae/log_simple_stats/2017-07-18_12-22-45/events.out.tfevents.1500373527.hobbes'
tag = 'mlp_layer-1/loss_classification_1'
# with open(fpath, "r") as f:
# x = [v.simple_value for e in tf.train.summary_iterator(path_to_events_file) for v in e.summary.value if v.tag == 'layer-1/Mean_1' ]
for e in tf.train.summary_iterator(path_to_events_file):
ev = tf.Event()
for v in e.summary.value:
if v.tag == tag:
print(v.tag, e.wall_time, e.step)
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