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Last active Apr 10, 2020
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EvoNorm-S0 in PyTorch from
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
class EvoNorm2d(nn.Module):
__constants__ = ['num_features', 'eps', 'nonlinearity']
def __init__(self, num_features, eps=1e-5, nonlinearity=True):
super(EvoNorm2d, self).__init__()
self.num_features = num_features
self.eps = eps
self.nonlinearity = nonlinearity
self.weight = nn.Parameter(torch.Tensor(1, num_features, 1, 1))
self.bias = nn.Parameter(torch.Tensor(1, num_features, 1, 1))
if self.nonlinearity:
self.v = nn.Parameter(torch.Tensor(1, num_features, 1, 1))
def reset_parameters(self):
if self.nonlinearity:
def group_std(self, x, groups=32):
N, C, H, W = x.shape
x = torch.reshape(x, (N, groups, C//groups, H, W))
std = torch.std(x, (2, 3, 4), keepdim=True).expand_as(x)
return torch.reshape(std + self.eps, (N, C, H, W))
def forward(self, x):
if self.nonlinearity:
num = x * torch.sigmoid(self.v * x)
return num/self.group_std(x) * self.weight + self.bias
return x * self.weight + self.bias
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pinouchon commented Apr 9, 2020

Do you have the EvoNorm-B0 by any chance? It looks like this is EvoNorm-S0. I changed it to 1d and it seems to work fine, but I would still prefer the batch version

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digantamisra98 commented Apr 9, 2020

@pinouchon I have EvoNorm B0 here, however I just have one error of shape mismatch in the running variance calculation to solve.

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