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import hashlib
import random
import string
def hash_password(password, salt=None, iterations=100000):
Hash a string using SHA3-512
String: password
String: salt (use if you are comparing existing hash)
If empty, it generates new salt
Optional Input:
Int: iterations
How many times the hash hashes itself
should be consistent across your application
Tuple with the password hash and salt used
Example: (pass_hash, salt)
# Do type checking
if not type(password) == type("String"):
raise TypeError("Password should be a string")
# if no salt is given
# generate 16 alphanumeric long salt using system random
if not salt:
salt = ''.join(random.SystemRandom().choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits) for _ in range(16))
# encode to make it compatible with hashlib algorithm
encoded_password = bytes(password, encoding='utf-8')
encoded_salt = bytes(salt, encoding='utf-8')
pass_hash = hashlib.sha3_512(encoded_password+encoded_salt).hexdigest()
# use iterative hashing
for _ in range(iterations):
pass_hash = hashlib.sha3_512(bytes(pass_hash, encoding="utf-8")+encoded_password).hexdigest()
return (pass_hash, salt)
def validate_password(password, pw_hash_tuple):
Check if entered password matches a stored password hash
String: password
Tuple: pw_hash_tuple
of the scheme: (password_hash, salt)
Boolean: if they are identical.
# Do input validation
if not len(pw_hash_tuple) == 2:
raise ValueError("pw_hash_tuple should have length 2")
if not type(password) == type('string'):
raise TypeError("password should be a string")
for item in pw_hash_tuple:
if not type(item) == type("string"):
raise TypeError("items in pw_hash_tuple should be strings")
stored_pw_hash = pw_hash_tuple[0]
stored_pw_salt = pw_hash_tuple[1]
# compute the hash of guesspassword using the same salt
user_pw_hash_tuple = hash_password(password, salt=stored_pw_salt)
# compare the two hashes
if user_pw_hash_tuple[0] == stored_pw_hash:
return True
return False
pw_hash_tuple = hash_password("123456")
guess_password = "123456"
print (validate_password(guess_password, pw_hash_tuple)) # True
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