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def enrich_keywords(all_articles, all_keywords, threshold=0.8, keyword_limit=10):
params = {}
limit = 0
for key, value in all_articles.items():
# Concatenate Title and Abstract and assign to dictionary item 'text' for API call.
params['text'] = value[0] + ". " + value[1]
content = aylien_api_connect(params=params)
# Accesses the new keywords from the newly generated keyword list from the API
for keys, values in content['concepts'].items():
new_keyword = values['surfaceForms'][0]['string']
# Ensure the new keyword has a score above the set threshold in Line 20,
# that it does not already exist in the keywords list and finally,
# that the number of keywords has not exceeded the limit also set in Line 20.
if values['surfaceForms'][0]['score'] > threshold and new_keyword not in all_keywords[key] \
and limit < keyword_limit:
# If all conditions satisfied, the keyword is capitalized and added to the dictionary.
# Increment keyword limit counter by one for every new keyword added.
limit += 1
return all_keywords
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