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Setting Expectations

Setting Group Expectations

Group Member Names:

  1. When are group members available to work together? What hours can each group member work individually? Are there any personal time commitments that need to be discussed?
  • Katie: Anything, prefer not to work super late

  • Joel: Real life stuff

  • Matt: Anything, earlier is better

  • Ellen: Anything, can do later or earlier

  1. How will group members communicate? How often will communication happen, and how will open lines of communication be maintained?
  • Slack: just do it
  1. Which feature(s) does each group member want to work on? Which feature(s) does each group member not want to work on?
  • Matt: Sessions

  • Ellen: Anything is fine, styling is ok, cart/order lifecycle

  • Katie: ActiveRecord

  • Joel: Anything is fine

  1. What does each group member hope to get out of the project?
  • Katie: Good relational DB design

  • Matt: Agile/project management

  • Ellen: Just more Rails practice, group workflow

  • Joel: Integration of Rails concepts, ActiveRecord practice

  1. What is the agreed upon Git workflow? What project management tool will be used? What is the agreed upon procedure for conducting code reviews before merging into master: who will review pull requests, and when?
  • Don't write/accept your own PRs.

  • Talk to group before making/merging PR.

  • Should have development branch off of master that other branches are checked out of. Don't merge individual branches to master before making sure they work with development.

  • Waffle!

  1. What is expected of group members when they run into problems implementing a feature?
  • Communication about your struggles

  • Possibly a code freeze

  • Timeboxing big stuff

  1. How does each group member want feedback (both positive and constructive) to be delivered?
  • Be human beings
  1. Is there anything else the group should know about personal work/communication styles?
  • Katie: I care about your feelings, also prefer to work in person

  • Matt: Prefer to work in person

  1. What pitfalls from BikeShare can we avoid?
  • Use and maintain Waffle board

  • Decide on schema together before writing anything

  • Communication

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