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View my-package-setup.el
(package-initialize) ; Do not delete this line
(provide 'my-package-setup)
View installed-packaged.txt
View debug-finder-inf.txt
Debugger entered: nil
(progn (debug))
(if (or (eq feature (quote finder-inf)) (and (stringp filename) (string-match-p "finder-inf" filename))) (progn (debug)))
(lambda (feature &optional filename _noerror) (if (or (eq feature (quote finder-inf)) (and (stringp filename) (string-match-p "finder-inf" filename))) (progn (debug))) (message "feature: %S" feature) (message "filename: %S" filename))(finder-inf nil t)
apply((lambda (feature &optional filename _noerror) (if (or (eq feature (quote finder-inf)) (and (stringp filename) (string-match-p "finder-inf" filename))) (progn (debug))) (message "feature: %S" feature) (message "filename: %S" filename)) (finder-inf nil t))
require(finder-inf nil t)
eval-buffer(#<buffer *load*-296204> nil "/data/data/com.termux/files/home/.emacs.d/my-package-setup.el" nil t) ; Reading at buffer position 21
load-with-code-conversion("/data/data/com.termux/files/home/.emacs.d/my-package-setup.el" "/data/data/c
View messages.txt
Loading loadup.el (source)...
Using load-path (/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/share/emacs/25.0.93/lisp /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/share/emacs/25.0.93/lisp/emacs-lisp /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/share/emacs/25.0.93/lisp/language /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/share/emacs/25.0.93/lisp/international /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/share/emacs/25.0.93/lisp/textmodes /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/share/emacs/25.0.93/lisp/vc)
Loading emacs-lisp/byte-run...done
Loading emacs-lisp/backquote...done
Loading subr...done
Loading version...done
Loading widget...done
Loading custom...done
Loading emacs-lisp/map-ynp...done
Loading international/mule...done
View init-package-initialize-outside.el
;; (package-initialize) ; Do NOT delete this comment
;; In emacs 25+, the `package-initialize' call is auto-added to the top of
;; init.el unless the user already has a commented or uncommented
;; `(package-initialize)' line present in their init.el.
;; I call this function in setup-packages.el and so am keeping the
;; commented out version here so that package.el does not add it again.
(advice-add 'require :before
(lambda (feature &optional filename _noerror)
(when (or (eq feature 'finder-inf)
View archive-contents
(1 (zzz-to-char . [(20160122 440) ((emacs (24 4)) (cl-lib (0 5)) (avy (0 3 0))) "Fancy version of `zap-to-char' command" single ((:url . "") (:keywords "convenience"))]) (zygospore . [(20140703 152) nil "reversible C-x 1 (delete-other-windows)" single ((:url . ""))]) (ztree . [(20160127 1542) ((cl-lib (0))) "Text mode directory tree" tar ((:url . "") (:keywords "files" "tools"))]) (zotxt . [(20160427 1922) ((request-deferred (0 2 0))) "Tools to integrate emacs with Zotero via the zotxt plugin." tar nil]) (zotelo . [(20160118 2045) ((cl-lib (0 5))) "Manage Zotero collections from emacs" single ((:url . "") (:keywords "zotero" "emacs" "reftex" "bibtex" "mozrepl" "bibliography manager"))]) (zossima . [(20121123 1635) ((inf-ruby (2 2 3))) "Ruby from Emacs" tar ((:url . "") (:keywords "ruby" "convenience"))]) (zop-to-char . [(20160
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Time-stamp: <2017-04-27 09:57:21 kmodi>
# Example of using getopt to parse command line options
# Limitation: All the options
# starting with - have to be listed in --options/--longoptions, else getopt will
# error out. So this cannot be used in wrapper scripts for other applications
# where you plan to pass on the non-wrapper-script options to that wrapped
# application.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Time-stamp: <2017-05-18 08:18:01 kmodi>
# Usage: ./ # Installs using origin/devel
# ./ --rev v0.17.0
# ./ --rev origin/master
set -euo pipefail #
View xi.el
;; Time-stamp: <2017-06-23 17:16:36 kmodi>
;; Anonymous function aka lambda macro
;; v1 - Original
(require 'dash)
(require 's)
(defmacro xi (&rest FORMS)
`(lambda ,(--filter (s-contains? (symbol-name it)

Understanding the overriding of ‘header-args’ in Org Babel

No property drawer

The below source block inherits the values of both :eval and :results header arguments as there is no header-args PROPERTY drawer present to override things.

Header ArgumentValueInherited From
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