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Last active Apr 29, 2019
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memcached Installation and MyBB Configuration ($5.00 USD)

Whilst offloading cache storage from the default setting (which uses the database) to a dedicated cache server is unlikely to make your forum significantly faster - it does help to free up valuable database connections during peak times and will reduce the overall load on your database server.

  • install and configure memcached on your VPS/dedicated server
  • configure MyBB to use it as a cache backend instead of the database

systemd Timers for MyBB Tasks ($10.00 USD)

MyBB's defaut tasks system relies on your forum having a consistent stream of visitors to execute tasks in a timely manner. Setting up a system timer to automate execution of the tasks system on a regular basis will negate the need for you to have a lively forum if you want your tasks to keep running.

  • deployment of a systemd timer to run the MyBB tasks system every X minutes automatically

Database Optimisation ($15.00 USD)

Applies general best practices and housekeeping to your database. Requires some downtime for table conversion.

  • conversion of all tables to InnoDB instead of MyISAM
  • conversion of all table encodings to utf8mb4
  • mybb_sessions table set to HEAP/MEMORY engine for performance

Camo Proxy Deployment ($25.00 USD)

  • installation and configuration of camo on your VPS/dedicated server
  • any required nginx configuration to reverse-proxy to the camo server
  • installation and configuration of DVZ Secure Content on your MyBB forum

Automated TLS Certificates ($15.00 USD)

  • installation and configuration of certbot on your VPS/dedicated server
  • systemd timer/cronjob to automatically reload nginx when new TLS certificates are generated

Server Hardening ($25.00 USD)

This package comprises all of the following optional tasks:

  • access control policies enforced, non-priviliged user accounts with sudo configured
  • sshd configuration hardening, use of SSH keypairs only, password access disabled
  • hardened PHP configuration provided with disable_functions to prevent common attack vectors
  • configuration of iptables rules to allow access on ports 80 and 443 from Cloudflare/other reverse proxy services
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