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Anonymous Pro for vim-powerline

Install vim-powerline. Open"Anonymouse Pro-Powerline.ttf" and install it, then in your .vimrc put:

set guifont = set guifont=Anonymous\ Pro\ for\ Powerline:h13

This doesn't include bold or italicized, this is just the regular font.

Edit: see @tlhunter's comment on the correct line to put in your ~/.vimrc

set guifont=Anonymous\ Pro\ for\ Powerline:h13

@tlhunter Ah, I can't type. Thanks for the correction!


No prob. The funny thing is the command would work, but would reset something else, took me a few mins to debug.


I tried to patch the font myself and I just tried the font in this page, but the result is the same with both fonts

Anyone with a solution? :(

By the way I have the same problem on my linux box


@vheon Sorry I have no clue why that happened. I will let you know as soon as I find out.. Mine seemed normal in MacVim, which version are you using? Did other patched fonts work fine for you?


I just tred to patch Courier New and all went just fine. Anyway I tried to repatch Anonymous Pro and this was the output:

$ fontforge -script .vim/bundle/powerline/fontpatcher/fontpatcher Anonymous\ Pro.ttf 
Copyright (c) 2000-2011 by George Williams.
 Executable based on sources from 13:48 GMT 22-Feb-2011-D.
 Library based on sources from 13:48 GMT 22-Feb-2011.
The following table(s) in the font have been ignored by FontForge
  Ignoring 'EBSC' embedded bitmap scaling control table
  Ignoring 'LTSH' linear threshold table
  Ignoring 'VDMX' vertical device metrics table
  Ignoring 'hdmx' horizontal device metrics table
The glyph named mu is mapped to U+00B5.
  But its name indicates it should be mapped to U+03BC.
The glyph named Omega is mapped to U+2126.
  But its name indicates it should be mapped to U+03A9.
The glyph named Delta is mapped to U+2206.
  But its name indicates it should be mapped to U+0394.

@vheon Yes that was the same output I received as well. Which version of Vim/OS are you using?


MacVim 7.3 (64) on Mac OS X 10.7.3... anyway when I patched Courier New I get a different output: the part where here said

The following table(s) is the font have been ignored by FontForge

doesn't show and I get more of

The glyph named name is mapped to U+####.
  But its name indicates it should be mapped to U+####.

@vheon Did you try using your self-patched Courier New? Is it the same result or does it work well? My impression is that those glyph mapping problems shouldn't matter. But I could be wrong.


Yes I tried it.

This is the comparison between the two font on the same file:

Anonymous Pro

Courier New


@vheon Hmm, I don't have enough knowledge on why this occurs. Please do let me know if you manage to fix it and update this gist. Thanks!


Seems to be a problem with the font size used. I changed it from set guifont=Anonymous\ Pro\ for\ Powerline:h13 to set guifont=Anonymous\ Pro\ for\ Powerline:h14 and it fixes the problem.

EDIT: Also change your terminal font to 14pt Anonymous Pro.


@jridgewell: I'm glad if it fix this problem on your machine, but unfortunately it doesn't on mine :(

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