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Global VM ZFS guid: 8726167484183186502
To edit VM properties use: cbsd bconfig jname=debian1
To start VM use: cbsd bstart debian1
To stop VM use: cbsd bstop debian1
To remove VM use: cbsd bremove debian1
For attach VM console use: cbsd blogin debian1
Creating debian1 complete: Enjoy!
auto-generate cloud-init settings: /usr/cbsd/jails-system/debian1/cloud-init
root@nucklehead:~ # cbsd bstart debian1
cloud-init: enabled
vm_iso_path: cloud-debian-x86-10.4.0
cloud init image initialization..
Clone cloud image into first/system vm disk (zfs clone method)
/sbin/zfs get -Ht snapshot userrefs zroot/ROOT/default/cbsd-cloud-cloud-Debian-x86-10.4.0.raw@boot-debian1
Eject cloud source: media mode=detach name=cloud-debian-x86-10.4.0 path=/usr/cbsd/src/iso/cbsd-cloud-cloud-Debian-x86-10.4.0.raw type=iso jname=debian1
UPDATE media SET jname='-' WHERE jname="debian1" AND name="cloud-debian-x86-10.4.0" AND path="/usr/cbsd/src/iso/cbsd-cloud-cloud-Debian-x86-10.4.0.raw"
vm_iso_path: changed
Detach to: debian1
All CD/ISO ejected: debian1
VRDP is enabled. VNC bind/port:
For attach VM console, use: vncviewer
Resolution: 1024x768.
bhyve renice: 1
Execute master script:
:: /usr/cbsd/jails-system/debian1/master_prestart.d/
Waiting for PID.
PID: 23914
root@nucklehead:~ #
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