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kcmcleod/proteinAnnotation.js Secret

Last active Mar 3, 2018
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Bioschema's ProteinAnnotation profile example
"@type": ["BioChemEntity", "ProteinAnnotation"],
"@id": "",
"additionalType": "",
"name": "PAS domain",
"description": "PAS domains are involved in many signalling proteins where they are used as a signal sensor domain [PMID: 10357859]. PAS domains appear in archaea, bacteria and eukaryotes. Several PAS-domain proteins are known to detect their signal by way of an associated cofactor. Haeme, flavin, and a 4-hydroxycinnamyl chromophore are used in different proteins. The PAS domain was named after three proteins that it occurs in: 1) Per- period circadian protein 2) Arnt- Ah receptor nuclear translocator protein 3) Sim- single-minded protein."
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