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Last active December 4, 2023 03:40
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Enable key repeat in Apple Lion for Sublime Text in Vim mode
# Mac OS X Lion introduced a new, iOS-like context menu when you press and hold a key
# that enables you to choose a character from a menu of options. If you are on Lion
# try it by pressing and holding down 'e' in any app that uses the default NSTextField
# for input.
# It's a nice feature and continues the blending of Mac OS X and iOS features. However,
# it's a nightmare to deal with in Sublime Text if you're running Vintage (Vim) mode,
# as it means you cannot press and hold h/j/k/l to move through your file. You have
# to repeatedly press the keys to navigate.
# You can disable this feature for just Sublime Text by issuing the following command
# in your terminal (*not* the Sublime Text console):
defaults write com.sublimetext.3 ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false
# Note: replace com.sublimetext.3 with whichever version of Sublime Text you are running
# eg. 'com.sublimetext.2'
# Alternately, if you want this feature disabled globally, you can enter this:
defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false
# In either case you'll need to restart Sublime Text for the change to take place.
# Happy coding!
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Still works in Sierra. Thanks!

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yup !! it still works & thank you....

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Thank you!!!!!

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thank you

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still works! thanks so much 😁

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anukem commented Aug 13, 2018

Thank you! Still works

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zjiayao commented Aug 20, 2018

Worked, thanks!

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Drowze commented Aug 29, 2018

Worked perfectly, cheers.

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zqWu commented Dec 6, 2018


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Jeferry commented May 28, 2019

+1 Thank you!It works!

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Wow Thanks! Still works :)

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Thanks, it worked for me. Btw, I wonder, will .vimrc apply for Vintage in Sublime Text 3?

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eproxus commented Mar 4, 2021

For anyone on the Sublime Text 4 dev version just change the version to 4:

defaults write com.sublimetext.4 ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

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sp4c38 commented May 22, 2021

Only works for me if I turn off press and hold globally. Tried multiple things but couldn't get it to deactivate only for Sublime Text (macOS Big Sur 11.4).

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I confirm that to make this work in Sublime Text released on May 21, 2021, aka Sublime Text 4 aka Build 4107 aka ST4, the solution provided above by @eproxus works.

defaults write com.sublimetext.4 ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

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atkmh66 commented Feb 18, 2022

2022 , Sublime 4 . Technique Still works !
Great tip. Thanks !

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Still works with Sublime 4, so happy this is a thing 💯

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