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Pulse Pro 1.4 Release Notes

Pulse 1.4.0

Nov 8, 2021


  • You can now switch to a Network view using the main Toolbar. It has several advantages. For example, when you switch, it keeps your selection, filters, and other perferences. You can now also close the sidebar if you don't need to switch between devices.
  • Sidebar now displayes your connected devices making it easier to switch between them. Devices and their associated logs are stored persistently. With a context menu, you can open the device in a separate window, show the store in Finder, or remove the device.
  • When you open a log file (.pulse extension), it nows opens in a clean window with no sidebar and with a filename in the navigation title.
  • Remove status bar item. It's not needed anymore thanks to the new siderbar and the fact that "Remote Logging" is now enabled by default.
  • You can now close a defails panel
  • Add remote logger server status view in "Remote Logging" Preferences


  • Add "Remove All Pins" menu bar command (⌃⌥⌘P)
  • Add "Toggle Pin" menu bar command (⌘P)
  • Add "Only Pins" menu bar command (⇧⌘P). Unlike the previous dedicated "Pins" tab, it acts as a filter and can be combined with the rest of the filters.
  • Improve performance when adding/removing pins in a large dataset


  • Add "Remove All Messages" command (⌘K)
  • Add "Viewers" menu with commands "Show Messages" (⌘1), "Show Text Log" (⌘2), "Show Network Requests" (⌘3)
  • "Only Errors" menu bar command is now implemented as a Toggle and is disabled when Console is not visible. Change the shortcut to (⇧⌘e)
  • Add "Reset Filters" command in "Find" (⇧⌘0)
  • Add "Start Streaming" and "Pause Streaming" commands (⇧⌘S)
  • Add "Now Mode" command (⇧⌘N)
  • Add help to toolbar items with info on shortcuts


  • Fix an issue where afrer removing messages, time interval is displayed incorrectly until you reopen the console
  • Fix an issue where labels/domains weren't reset after deleting all messages
  • Fix an issue where the "Interval" column was calculated incorrecy after deleting all messages
  • Fix an issue with "Now" not scrolling to the bottom when you open the Console for the first time
  • Auto-hide scrollbars in text views
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