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Aggregates number of page views from individual URLS based on arguments in GA. Uses CSV.
import operator
import csv
import sys
import re
source = sys.argv[1]
output = sys.argv[2]
column = sys.argv[3]
reader = csv.reader(open(source, 'rb'), delimiter=',', quotechar='"')
index = 0
keys = {}
for row in reader:
url = row[0]
count = row[1]
key ='(%s=)(\w+)(&)' % column, url).group(2).lower()
if key not in keys:
keys[key] = int(count)
keys[key] += int(count)
sorted_rows = sorted(keys.iteritems(), key=operator.itemgetter(1))
writer = csv.writer(open(output, "w"), delimiter=",", quotechar='"')
for row in sorted_rows:
key = row[0]
val = row[1]
writer.writerow([key, val])
print row
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