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kelliott121/ Secret

Created Jun 30, 2016
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from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
import math
import time
import random
import serial
import json
# The scaling of the image is 1cm:1px
# JSON file to output to
jsonFile = "data.json"
# The graphical center of the robot in the image
centerPoint = (415, 415)
# Width of the robot in cm/px
robotWidth = 30
# Radius of the wheels on the robot
wheelRadius = 12.8
# Minimum sensing distance
minSenseDistance = 2
# Maximum sensing distance
maxSenseDistance = 400
# The distance from the robot to display the turn vector at
turnVectorDistance = 5
# Initialize global data variables
points = {}
velocityVector = [0, 0]
# Serial port to use
serialPort = "/dev/ttyACM0"
robotData = {}
ser = serial.Serial(serialPort, 115200)
# Parses a serial line from the robot and extracts the
# relevant information
def parseLine(line):
status = line.split('=')
statusType = status[0]
# Parse the obstacle location
if statusType == "point":
coordinates = status[1].split(',')
points[int(coordinates[0])] = int(coordinates[1])
# Parse the velocity of the robot (x, y)
elif statusType == "velocity":
velocities = status[1].split(',')
velocityVector[0] = int(velocities[0])
velocityVector[1] = int(velocities[1])
def main():
# Three possible test print files to simulate the serial link
# to the robot
#testPrint = open("TEST_straight.txt")
#testPrint = open("TEST_tightTurn.txt")
#testPrint = open("TEST_looseTurn.txt")
#for line in testPrint:
while True:
# Flush the input so we get the latest data and don't fall behind
line = ser.readline()
robotData["points"] = points
robotData["velocities"] = velocityVector
#print json.dumps(robotData)
jsonFilePointer = open(jsonFile, 'w')
#print points
if __name__ == '__main__':
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "Quitting"
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