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ruote-kit ramblings
A rewrite of the existing ruote-rest project that aims to provide an easy to deploy and maintain ruote instance, accessible using a RESTful interface. Should be a breeze to use for non-Ruby projects and developers (apart from Ruby process definitions).
* Rack based, utilizing rack-mount
* Daemon-kit file system layout, keep ruote & co away from local libs, participants, configuration
* Easily "vendor everything" for simple deployments and maintenance
* Easy backups (simple rake task)
* Multiple storage backends, give people what they are comfortable with
* Fast, fast, fast
* Multiple environment support (development, test, production, etc)
* Custom resource implementations/enhancements
* 'public' folder for local assets that might be used by consumers
* Easy middleware hooks for things like complex authentication
Complimentary stuff
* Client gem for hooking into Rails (or any other Ruby project)
* Python client library
* Java client library
* ActiveResource friendly XML/JSON
* Completely RESTful (but without all the lingo)
* Visualization of processes
* Flexible searching (workitems, processes, etc)
* Open to other languages
* Integrated testing tools
* Edit process definitions on the fly
* Comprehensive and clear logging
Supporting eco-systems:
* Site to share process definitions
* Lighthouse
* Separate mail list? Might cause confusion with existing users (-1 currently)
Starting out:
1. $ gem install <yet-to-be-named>
2. $ <yet-to-be-named-generator> /path/to/project
3. Rejoice
Project layout:
+ bin
+ config
+ lib
+ participants
+ public
+ resources
+ script
+ vendor
+ route
+ gems
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