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use Windows::Win32::System::Com::*;
use Windows::Win32::UI::Accessibility::*;
use Windows::Win32::UI::WindowsAndMessaging::*;
use Windows::UI::UIAutomation::*;
fn main() -> Result<()> {
unsafe {
CoInitializeEx(std::ptr::null_mut(), COINIT_MULTITHREADED)?;
let window = FindWindowA(None, "Calculator");
// Start with COM API
let automation: IUIAutomation = CoCreateInstance(&CUIAutomation, None, CLSCTX_ALL)?;
let element: IUIAutomationElement = automation.ElementFromHandle(window)?;
// Use COM API
let name = element.get_CurrentName()?;
println!("window name: {}", name);
// Query for WinRT API (will fail on earlier versions of Windows)
let element: AutomationElement = element.cast()?;
// Use WinRT API
println!("file name: {}", element.ExecutableFileName()?);
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