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EnemyStats plugin for RPGMaker MV
/* Version 0.1.0 @kentaromiura
TODO: remove access to 'private' properties
TODO: find out if there's already an emitter
TODO: text now overlaps, check how to get the Sprite height/width properties
for the enemy to move the text in another position
TODO: make the text floating up and down (optional)
TODO: add a % bar below the text (optional)
* @plugindesc Display HP of enemies
* @author Cristian Carlesso <kentaromiura>
* @param debug
* @desc opens chrome inspector for testing
* @default false
var parameters = PluginManager.parameters('EnemyStats');
if ('' +parameters.debug === 'true') require('nw.gui').Window.get().showDevTools();
var slice =[].slice);
function dispatchWhenDone(fn, event){
return function(){
fn.apply(this, slice(arguments));
global.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent(event));
function addBattleEvents(){
var events = ['battleStarted', 'battleWon', 'battleEscaped'];
['onBattleStart', 'onBattleWin', 'onBattleEscape'].forEach(function(event, i){
$gameSystem[event] = dispatchWhenDone($gameSystem[event], events[i]);
// all the $* variable get set after DataManager.createGameObjects, the plugin though runs before that call.
DataManager.createGameObjects = dispatchWhenDone(
var onGameObjectsCreated = function(){
// pretty sure this flag exists somewhere else
var inBattle = false,
updateEnemyHP = function(){
var hpSprite = enemy._hpSprite || (enemy._hpSprite = new Sprite_Base());
var hp = '' + enemy._hp;
// I should get the font size and line height from the context somehow.
hpSprite.bitmap = new Bitmap(hp.length * 32, 32);
hpSprite.bitmap.drawText(hp, 0, 0, hp.length * 32, 32, 'left');
hpSprite.x = enemy._screenX;
hpSprite.y = enemy._screenY - 36;
if(hp === '0') hpSprite.hide();
if (inBattle) requestAnimationFrame(updateEnemyHP);
setBattleOn = function(){
inBattle = true;
setBattleOff = function(){
inBattle = false;
global.addEventListener('battleStarted', setBattleOn);
['battleWon', 'battleEscaped'].forEach(function(event){
global.addEventListener(event, setBattleOff);
global.addEventListener('gameObjectsCreated', onGameObjectsCreated);
}(Function('return this')());
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