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require CHI;
require WWW::Mechanize::Cached;
require HTTP::Tiny::Mech;
require MetaCPAN::API;
my $mcpan = MetaCPAN::API->new(
ua => HTTP::Tiny::Mech->new(
mechua => WWW::Mechanize::Cached->new(
cache => CHI->new(
driver => 'File',
root_dir => '/tmp/metacpan-cache',

That's pretty sweet. Would you mind if I add this to the MetaCPAN::API POD?


Go for it. Sorry for the delayed response =). Though I'm working on ways to get this sort of support more "natively" to MetaCPAN::API

Added to the synopsis and released a new version with it. Thanks. :)

Feel free to update me if you change this, and I'll update the documentation.
At some point I should probably set up an Examples.pod for multiple examples...

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