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Xholon Metamind - Fish and Cat
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Xholon Workbook MIT License, Copyright (C) Ken Webb, Thu Jul 08 2021 13:07:33 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)-->
Title: Xholon Metamind - Fish and Cat
InternalName: b62ce78ae53e14b6b2cc690aad7f0b47
My Notes
July 8, 2021
Xholon Metamind - Fish and Cat
based on: "Island Game 5", and "Xholon Metamind - some concepts"
Ken Webb
July 8, 2021
see my file: IslandGame_CommonModel01.txt
<!-- the following is from Chad's ecore model, with my (KSW) additions -->
<!-- KSW: I will create separate models for a Fish and for a Cat -->
<DeclarativeMemory superClass="Module"/>
<ProceduralMemory superClass="Module"/>
<Motor superClass="Module"/>
<!-- KSW: I have changed the name of this module from Visual to the more generic Perception -->
<!--<Visual superClass="Module"/>-->
<Perception superClass="Module"/>
KSW: DO NOT SPECIFY this Xholon metamind class; GridGenerator will create it
KSW: the environment consists of a 3x3 grid consisting of 9 grid cells; the Fish or Cat occupies the central grid cell
<WorkingMemory superClass="Module"/>
<!-- KSW: DO NOT SPECIFY these two Xholon classes; GridGenerator will create them
<!-- GridGenerator requires that these NOT have a superclass such as IslandGridCell -->
<OceanCell/> <!-- OceanCell is the default -->
<port name="height" connector="Height"/>
<!-- The "A Standard Model of the Mind" paper suggests these colors -->
<GridGenerator rows="3" cols="3" gridType="Gvt" names="Environment,FieldRow,OceanCell" columnColor="171c8f" gridViewerParams="PhysicalSystem/Environment,20,Island Viewer,true" cellsCanSupplyOwnColor="true">
<Attribute_String>TODO CellPattern ?</Attribute_String>
KSW: for now, I am unable to place Space inside the Environment, because of various Xholon constraints
<Blockbehavior implName="org.primordion.xholon.base.Behavior_gwtjs"><![CDATA[
var a = 123;
var b = 456;
var c = a * b;
if (console) {
//# sourceURL=Blockbehavior.js
<Heightbehavior implName="org.primordion.xholon.base.Behavior_gwtjs"><![CDATA[
var myHeight, testing;
var beh = {
postConfigure: function() {
testing = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10);
myHeight = this.cnode.parent();
act: function() {
toString: function() {
return "testing:" + testing;
//# sourceURL=Heightbehavior.js
<Brickbehavior implName="org.primordion.xholon.base.Behavior_gwtjs"><![CDATA[
$wnd.xh.Brickbehavior = function Brickbehavior() {}
$wnd.xh.Brickbehavior.prototype.postConfigure = function() {
this.brick = this.cnode.parent();
this.iam = " red brick";
$wnd.xh.Brickbehavior.prototype.act = function() {
this.brick.println("I am a" + this.iam);
//# sourceURL=Brickbehavior.js
<Brickbehavior implName="org.primordion.xholon.base.Behavior_gwtjs"><![CDATA[
console.log("I'm another brick behavior");
<SvgClient><Attribute_String roleName="svgUri"><![CDATA[data:image/svg+xml,
<svg width="100" height="50" xmlns="">
<rect id="PhysicalSystem/Environment" fill="#98FB98" height="50" width="50" x="25" y="0"/>
<rect id="PhysicalSystem/Environment/FieldRow/OceanCell" fill="#6AB06A" height="50" width="10" x="80" y="0"/>
]]></Attribute_String><Attribute_String roleName="setup">${MODELNAME_DEFAULT},${SVGURI_DEFAULT}</Attribute_String></SvgClient>
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