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kepano / obsidian-web-clipper.js
Last active July 15, 2024 09:27
Obsidian Web Clipper Bookmarklet to save articles and pages from the web (for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and mobile browsers)
javascript: Promise.all([import(''), import(''), ]).then(async ([{
default: Turndown
}, {
default: Readability
}]) => {
/* Optional vault name */
const vault = "";
/* Optional folder name such as "Clippings/" */
kepano / dropcaps.css
Created May 30, 2024 20:40
Obsidian drop caps
/* Obsidian CSS snippet that adds drop caps to the first paragraph of a note. */
.dropcaps .cm-content .cm-line:nth-child(2):first-letter,
.dropcaps .markdown-preview-sizer > div:nth-child(4) p:first-letter {
float: left;
font-weight: 600;
font-size: 300%;
line-height: 1;
margin-inline-end: 0.1em;
margin-bottom: -0.5rem;
kepano / Stripe's 2023 Annual
Last active March 13, 2024 21:00
Stripe's 2023 Annual Letter


March 13, 2024

Dear Stripe community:

Charlie Munger described a two-part rule that works wonders in business, science, and elsewhere: 1) take a simple idea and 2) take it very seriously.

Stripe’s mission is to grow the GDP of the internet. The core idea behind the company—one we endeavor to take very seriously—is that we’re still early in the journey of software-driven innovation, and Stripe is an applied exercise in thinking through some of the corollaries of that. In particular, thanks to the new possi-bilities afforded by the internet, we believe that putting better—more global, easier to use, more flexible, faster, cheaper—economic infrastructure in the hands of companies and entrepreneurs will lead to a more vibrant and prosperous world. Remarkably, this journey was still in its infancy when Stripe launched in 2011. Thirteen years, and more than a doubling in internet users later, it’s still early. The world of 2034 is going to look very different.

kepano / clean-google-docs.css
Last active February 8, 2024 06:17 — forked from devonzuegel/clean-google-docs.css
Custom styles for Stylus Chrome extension
.docs-material #docs-header .docs-titlebar-buttons,
.docs-material .goog-toolbar-button,
.docs-material .goog-toolbar-combo-button,
.docs-material .goog-toolbar-menu-button,
#docs-chrome {
background-color: #fafafa !important;
kepano / minimal-dev.css
Last active December 28, 2022 02:46
Minimal Line Width Dev Snippet
.mod-root .view-header:after {
kepano / tab-stacks.css
Last active October 14, 2022 18:48
Style Settings snippet for Obsidian Tab Stacks (1.0+)
/* @settings
name: Tab stacks
id: tab-stacks
id: tab-stacked-pane-width
title: Stacked width
type: variable-number
description: Width of a stacked tab in pixels
kepano / minimal-folding.css
Last active February 4, 2022 14:04
Relationship lines and folding for Minimal Theme
/* TOC
Relationship lines in Preview
Relationship lines in Edit mode
Folding padding adjustment
Folding icons in Preview
Folding icons in Edit mode
kepano / labeled-nav.css
Last active November 14, 2021 21:31
.mod-left-split > .workspace-tabs:nth-child(3) .workspace-tab-header-container {
height: auto;
.mod-left-split > .workspace-tabs:nth-child(3) .workspace-tab-container-inner {
padding:8px 8px 6px 8px;
.mod-left-split > .workspace-tabs:nth-child(3) .workspace-tab-header {