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}, function(err, user) {
if (err) throw err;
if (!user) {
res.json({ success: false, message: 'Authentication failed. User not found.' });
} else if (user) {
// check if password matches
if (user.password != req.body.password) {
res.json({ success: false, message: 'Authentication failed. Wrong password.' });
} else {
// if user is found and password is right
// create a token with only our given payload
// we don't want to pass in the entire user since that has the password
const payload = {
admin: user.admin
var token = jwt.sign(payload, app.get('superSecret'), {
expiresInMinutes: 1440 // expires in 24 hours
// return the information including token as JSON
success: true,
message: 'Enjoy your token!',
token: token
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