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Changelog 2.16.4
  • c8e539189 Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.16.4 - Kevin Ansfield
  • ae2819859 Version bump to 2.16.4 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 4428ed5f7 Version bump to 2.16.4 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 04c60b4ce 🐛 Fixed private blogging getting enabled when saving any setting (TryGhost/Ghost#10576) - Katharina Irrgang
  • 917c8da59 Added error context to API error alert messages - Kevin Ansfield
  • ac26436c1 🐛 Fixed v0.1 username/password authentication - kirrg001
  • fba277ce1 🐛 Fixed custom certificate usage for MySQL (TryGhost/Ghost#10573) - Dan Sloan
  • 996cc166e 🐛 Fixed error when creating subscribers via the admin area - Kevin Ansfield
  • 5b73e8238 🐛 Fixed email address not being returned with admin api key authentication - kirrg001
  • 7e55715f3 Added circular dependency grunt dev build log filter - Kevin Ansfield
  • 52ad2711b Fixed grunt master to work with submodules correctly (TryGhost/Ghost#10566) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 2a505f026 Resolved "Use defineProperty to define computed properties" deprecations - Kevin Ansfield
  • b564cbea1 Bumped ember core dependencies to 3.5.x - Kevin Ansfield
  • 6351c85b2 Bumped dependencies (TryGhost/Ghost-Admin#1108) - Kevin Ansfield
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